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Below you’ll find the Map of the First Eon, an ancient depiction of the lands as they were during the events of The Ballad of Titha Mae. We recommend waiting to view the map until you’ve finished the book, as it depicts much of what Titha and her friends must discover for themselves. If you’re ready to dive in, click on the map to view it up close:



Key (from East to West)

Duskridge: The Duskridge is the oldest mountain range in Gaela, its peaks rounded by the erosion of time. It forms the western-most border of the known lands of Gaela, and is home to the elusive Lunas.

Yythengrey: Home of the Lunas, Yythengrey is an ancient forest from the time of creation. Here, time passes slowly and peacefully around the center Meadow and the Duskridge‘s highest peak, Mt. Meri, of which Roostwood sits atop – home of the Watcher of Yythengrey.

The River Daenu: This mighty river flows southward from Loch Daenu straight through the heart of Yythengrey. Its waters give life to all creatures who live there.

Northfjord: A mighty fjord* that creates the border between the Duskridge and the mighty Fell mountains, the Northfjord has served as a port for seafaring Vikingmen since the dawn of civilization. *Geologically, a fjord (pronounced fiord) is a long, narrow inlet with steep sides marked by cliffs or mountains, created by a glacier.

Fell River: This winding river is given life by the Northfjord and runs through the deepest valleys of the Fells all the way to Mydlan. It forms the basis of the first stronghold of Vikingmen, Autumnhill.

Barren Fields: The expansive fields and prairies that make up these barren lands are mostly void of trees and are covered by thick golden grasses, wheats, and weeds. Despite much of the land being scarred from battles long ago, large grazing animals such as Buffalo and Wooly Rhinos happily make their homes here.

Autumnhill: The first and largest homestead of the Vikingmen, Autumnhill is an impressive stone stronghold housed by the Boulderwall, a massive wall built from ancient stones seemingly too large to move. At the center of the many houses, workshops, and stables lies Skaldhall, ancestral home of the Jarl and Shieldmaiden of Westlyn.

Snowy Fells: The snow-covered mountains that make up the northernmost portion of the Fells.

Ruins of Byle: A timeworn relic of an age before the First Eon, left untouched for centuries.

The Fells: The dominant mountain range of the West, the Fells are harshly steep and rocky mountains covered by sparse, dry vegetation. They form the east border of Westlyn. Their enormous presence across the landscape is deeply rooted in the legends and lore of many peoples, but none moreso than the Vikingmen of Autumnhill that make their home in the foothills.

The Abyss: A deep, swallowing system of caverns and caves underneath the Fells – the depths of which are completely unknown. Many have ventured in never to return.


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