The Knoxville News Sentinel: Farragut Shopper Covers Jon B. Dalvy’s Talk on Marketing and Publishing Successful Books

The Knoxville News Sentinel: Farragut Shopper Covers Jon B. Dalvy’s Talk on Marketing and Publishing Successful Books


This past summer, Titha Mae Series author Jon B. Dalvy presented the annual Authors’ Guild of Tennessee “Authors Talk” to an audience at Mimi’s Cafe in Turkey Creek, Knoxville, TN.

Knoxville News Sentinel reporter Margie Hagen (Shopper News) covered the event, and was present for Dalvy’s talk, noting:

“So glad to have the opportunity to meet you and Brandee at the AGT dinner last week.  Your presentation was filled with savvy tips for members who may not realize the power of social media.  You made it informative and fun, so thanks for that.  I was expecting a “snobby author”, but was pleasantly surprised by you and Brandee.  Stay cool.

– Margie
EDITOR’s NOTE: The Ballad of Titha Mae is in no way similar to popular series GAME OF THRONES. It is an advancing readers level series aimed at the same ages as The Hobbit, Harry Potter, etc. To read the full article, please click on the headline above, or here.
The talk was a hit, and the resulting article from the Sentinel’s Farragut Shopper News hit stands shortly after. We’re thrilled with their thoughtful coverage and look forward to many more successful outings from both organizations.
Thanks again to Margie, the Sentinel, and the Authors’ Guild of Tennessee for all the fantastic work these community leaders do for creatives here in Tennessee.
All the best,

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Advertisement’s Review of The Ballad of Titha Mae Glows With 5-Star Praise!, one of the world’s premiere fantasy literature websites, has posted their review of The Ballad of Titha Mae and it is, to say the least, glowing! We’re beyond thrilled to have such a phenomenal review showcasing Titha Mae and her adventure, message, companions, and heart!

The book made its way all the way to Finland to be reviewed by the wonderful Sami Airola, and she clearly fell in love with Titha’s tale. We’re elated!

The Ballad of Titha Mae is one of the best children’s fantasy novels I’ve ever read. It’s charmingly old-fashioned and the story is excellent. I enjoyed it a lot and was mesmerised by the mythological elements. It’s been a while since I’ve read anything as good and entertaining as this novel.” – Sami Airola,

20180312_134239 (1)

To read the full review, head on over to as it’s right up on their main page, or click the link below:

RisingShadow’s Review of The Ballad of Titha Mae!

Thanks again to Sami and RisingShadow for such wondrous praise, and to everyone who has jumped into Titha’s first adventure so far!

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A Heartfelt, Tremendous ‘Thank You’ From the Author, Jon B. Dalvy

I am positively thrilled (which is an understatement) to announce my first fantasy novel, The Ballad of Titha Mae, is now available for purchase exclusively through Amazon, and has reached #1 New Release status in multiple Fantasy categories. Both paperback and eBook versions are yours for the picking, though if you pick up the paperback I’ve optioned to give you the eBook for free – so why not both?

This has been an enormous (and humbling) undertaking that has spanned the entirety of my life – and something I’ve enjoyed like nothing else. Titha’s story began as an epic poem back in 2013, one that kept evolving in my mind to the point that I knew I had to make this world into something more encompassing. Long story short, The Ballad is the culmination of growing up in the Great Smoky Mountains, a love of historical mythology, and my Celtic heritage. Above all, though, it is a love-letter to the bedtime stories I crafted for my three little sisters and two younger brothers.

Cover art for The Ballad by phenomenal Fantasy artist Sandara Tang

My brothers and I having plenty of classical male heroes to choose from growing up, I always found myself making up stories about fantastical young ladies and their own adventures for my little sisters when they were just wee beans (and I mean wee). Things have changed a lot since then, but the Fantasy genre is still one absolutely dominated by male protagonists. ‘The Ballad’ is dedicated to (and based upon) my baby sisters “and the light they hold”, simply because I love them in an indescribable amount, but also in hopes of bringing more lionhearted young heroines to the forefront of fantasy literature. The result is an epic adventure featuring a brand new world ripe with its own rich mythology and eclectic characters, all born of fantastical races both new and old!

The Ballad of Titha Mae was crafted for ages eight to eighteen but is, I think, one for all ages. Regardless, she’s an overwhelmingly positive light in my life that I cannot wait to pass onto the world.

Thank you for taking the time to dive into this world, for being a friend to Titha Mae, and a supporter of homegrown literature.

So much love and gratitude,

Jon B. Dalvy